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Channer Miller and Associates is a business name registered under the Companies Act of Jamaica by Andrew Miller, a licensed Real Estate Dealer under the Real Estate Dealers (and Developers) Act of Jamaica. The licensed areas of practice are Appraisals, Sales, Leases and Rentals, Auctioneering, and Property Management. Registered in 2019, the business is a sole proprietorship, supported by independent contractors who provide consultative and administrative support.

The goal of the proprietorship is to provide quality property and real estate services to Jamaicans islandwide, working from a base in the central parishes of the island. These services extend beyond the formally recognized and licensed areas of real estate practice to other areas including property guidance regarding navigating the various land systems in Jamaica; managing land related processes; and referring clients to the services needed to identify and accomplish their land outcome or goal.

We aim to be trustworthy, efficient, and fair in all the operations that are undertaken, giving real estate services that supersede the norm or expectations.

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